Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vent Session (This is For Grown Folks)

I have to get this out of my system. Heres a little poetry session about my little outing with this dude... And he created a whole new problem that NEEDS to get FIXED before I go back to school!!!!

Here you go

Scream AAAaaaghhh( The only thing that describes my mood)

Fast forward three hours in and that simple touch to the hand causes me to become five degrees warmer than usual in a steady incline.
That simple touch narrates aged lines, new skin, and heightened fingers of the years you’ve existed.
More simple touches and what Beast I thought only sex addicts had, aged zero to twenty one in four seconds flat.

The seduction of your hands, odd as it seems, pulls my energy in waves, orgasmic in its own right. And we haven’t even kissed yet.
When they do flow, a stream of hot moist raises every hair follicle to its max.
A grasp to the throat and this beast, I’ll call her Claudette, is clawing her way to the surface at this point.

Heavy breathe grazes my skin only an eighth of the passion your touch makes visible. A spine the shape of a half moon now and you’ve made your way to the back of my neck, up to the back of my head along with pressured fingertips and passionate kisses in between.
Her tears turn to anger as she fights her way to the surface and my restraint becomes weakened.
My legs cannot find a position satisfying enough to accommodate the battle. Now you’ve made your way to the front of my chest. Pause!

Why must I be teased in the back of a theater next to teenage high schoolers? Why?

I can feel her under that first layer of skin, burning bright orange and you know what happened after that?


The End!!!!


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