Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here's A Little PSA Announcement: Freestylin' it...

Four years on this "grind" to independency and getting involved in this interdependency which I'm told will remain consistent for the rest of my living...

Im being proved that time and people change and as the world is doing "their thing", my relavance is fading... Time has taken their sense of "living" away and their appreciation for the past is being replaced by irrelevant things. But I digress.

The present and the future is interchangeably speeding into one. Gravitating towards the ConsistentLy Real entertains my sanity and will probably remain with me after time collides. But they are few in number, smaller than a dime, they protect me from waisted emotions that I apparently have given out too freely.

Gullible of me but my intentions were always sincere with a dash of consistency. Lessons learned as the Big Bad World awaits me and games are frequent. I get it.

No anger thrown their way because its obvious they don't care... Think I have an attitude or not but no words will ever bring it back to the way it began because you guys don't understand.

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